About Compact Nursing States

Posted on: April 21, 2015,  Posted in: About Compact Nursing States

The Nurse Licensure Compact provides nurses with a multistate license which allows them to practice in any participating or compact state. Nursing licensure is broken down into two categories, single state licensing and multistate licensing. Compact (multistate) licensing states are those states that participate in the program. Nurses who reside and are licensed in one of these states are eligible to acquire a multistate license. The compact license provides nurses with the ability to practice in any other compact state without completing any additional licensure applications or paying additional fees. Their home state license is accepted in all of the compact states. If the primary state of residence is not a compact state, they must apply for a single state license and pay any required fees.


As a travel nurse with a compact license, you may choose to accept an assignment in a non-compact state. To obtain a license in a non-compact state, you will need to apply for licensure by endorsement to the board of nursing in the non-compact state where you’d like to be licensed.


View a list of states participating in the Nurse Licensure compact and see which states are planning to implement nursing licensure compact.


Check out this video from the National Council of State Boards of Nursing for additional information:



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Snap A Photo of Your Luggage

Posted on: April 7, 2015,  Posted in: Snap A Photo of Your Luggage

If you  have to check a bag, take a digital photo of it (which will help you describe the bag if it gets lost) and a close-up of the airline’s baggage tag (so you have a record of the airline’s routing info). If nothing else, snapping the photo will remind you to verify that your bag is labeled with the correct destination airport code.

Travel Nursing Tips

Photograph your luggage and its contents prior to checking your bags.

It’s also a good idea to photograph the contents of your luggage. If anything turns up damaged or missing, you’ll have something concrete to show the attendant at the claim counter or an image to help jog your memory as you fill out those airline claim forms  or police report (depending upon the circumstances).


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