Top 10 Questions To Ask Travel Nursing Recruiters

Top 10 Questions to Ask Travel Nurse Recrruiter

What Should I Ask My Travel Nursing Recruiter?

As you begin your career as a travel nurse, you will need to find a staffing agency and a travel nursing recruiter.  On your initial contact with an agency, you will be paired with a recruiter.  This is a vital time to ensure that the agency is well-suited to meet your unique needs.  When applying to travel staffing agencies, it is essential that you are prepared to interview with a recruiter.  Below are the top 10 questions to ask travel nursing recruiters.

What does the job market look like in my specialty?

Some specialties are in higher demand than others.  In addition, some are location-dependent.  Discuss what the current market looks like and find out where the travel nursing jobs are located.

Are there any certifications or training courses I can take to make myself more marketable as a travel nurse?

Recruiters know the certifications and training courses that facilities are looking for.  Although you don’t have to follow this advice, it is valuable information to have.

What benefits does your company provide?

What does their benefits package include? Do you they offer paid time off or sick leave? Ask to see their insurance plans.  Do they have a retirement plan with company match? What about continuing education?  Benefits can vary widely with each agency.

Does your agency offer reimbursements?

Find out if the travel nursing agency reimburses for state licensures, certifications, travel expenses, and pre-employment screenings.

What is the Pay package?

Discuss how the pay package will be broken down.  Does the travel nursing agency give an estimated pay package before or after you are submitted for a position?  Ask to see real examples of pay packages in your specialty.

How is travel nurse housing secured?

An agency will either secure your housing for you or offer you a housing stipend.  Ask them how each process works and determine your preference. (Related: How to avoid travel nursing housing horrors)

Will I have guaranteed hours?

Find out if you will have guaranteed hours in your contracts.  This may be determined by the facility.  Find out what happens if you are called off.  Will you still receive your full housing stipend or will it be pro-rated?  What happens if a facility cancels a contract? (Related: Everything you need to know about guaranteed hours)

If I’m feeling uncomfortable about a clinical situation, is there someone I can talk to?

There may come a time when you are feel uncertain or unsafe about a clinical situation. Perhaps the work load is unsafe or you feel your license is at risk.  Does the travel nursing agency offer a clinical liaison who can speak to you about your concerns?

What makes your company unique from other travel nursing agencies?

There are hundreds of travel staffing agencies out there.  Find out what makes them unique.

If I have a concern after-hours, will there be someone available to speak to?

There may come a time when you have an emergency or major concern after regular business hours.  Will there be someone available to speak to? This is especially important to know if you will be working night shift.

Compare opportunities from the top travel nursing agencies

It is imperative to find an agency that fits your needs.  It is even more imperative to find a travel nursing recruiter you can trust.  Before speaking with a recruiter, print out a few copies of “Top 10 Questions to Ask Travel Nursing Recruiters” so that you can be ready for that crucial initial discussion.

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