Travel Nursing In San Jose, CA

Travel Nursing in San Jose

Make Your Way to San Jose and Discover a Wealth of Things to Do in California’s Third Largest City

San Jose is California’s third largest city, and the 10th largest in the U.S. A Registered Nurse who takes a travel job here will discover wealth of things to do in between working shifts, from cultural delights to outdoor activities.

Visit the World-Famous Winchester Mystery House

You’ve probably at least seen the world-famous Winchester Mystery House on television as the Victorian mansion designed by Winchester Rifle heiress Sarah Winchester has been spotlighted on many travel and “most haunted” shows. Back in 1884, the wealthy widow of William Winchester started this massive construction project. The plans were so grandiose that construction occupied the lives of craftsmen and carpenters for nearly 40 years, until 1922 when Sarah died.

The huge home is filled with so many unexplained oddities that it became known as the Winchester Mystery House. The 160-room mansion was very unlike other homes of its time, complete with modern heating and sewer systems, three working elevators, gas lights and nearly four dozen fireplaces. With the strange design of the house, and rumors of her ghost still residing, the mansion has drawn visitors from across the globe to try and understand the bizarre architecture and the reasons behind it. A variety of tours can be taken, like the grand tour, which goes beyond the typical hour-long tour. You’ll walk through the house and explore the grounds, garage, stables, greenhouse and more. If you’re into the paranormal, you may want to take the flashlight tour, held every Friday the 13th.

Explore the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

San Jose’s Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum hosts the largest collection of Egyptian treasures in the western U.S. Its vast grounds also include a peace garden, temple, planetarium and research library. One of the best museums of its kind in the nation, visitors can learn about the gods, goddesses, culture and lifestyles of ancient Egyptians as well as to explore pre-dynastic rituals, art and artifacts, and, of course, view mummies.

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Check Out the Bargains at the San Jose Flea Market

If you’re into bargains, head to the San Jose Flea Market, which hosts mile after mile of vendors that sell all sorts of treasures, ranging from collectible comics and antiques, to jewelry, fashions and organic produce. It’s an ideal spot for a travel nurse who has family visiting with kids, as there are all sorts of things for the little ones to do, like an arcade, vintage carousel, mini-Ferris wheel, pony rides and inflatable slides. You’ll find lots of dining options too, from fair-style items like BBQ and corn dogs to freshly-prepared international cuisine and tasty California fare.

Get Your Wine Fix

A travel nursing job in San Jose doesn’t mean you’ll have to drive all the way to Napa Valley to get your wine fix. There are multiple tasting rooms located right downtown, and just minutes away in Los Gatos, nestled in the Santa Cruz Mountains, is Byington Winery, which produces its award-winning wines in a grand villa that hosts winemaking facilities, a tasting room and even a wine cave. It enjoys sweeping vistas of the Pinot Noir vineyards and the glistening expanse of the Pacific from its well-manicured grounds. The Italianate stone winery chateau and the picturesque landscape that surrounds it is also popular for picnics paired with live music.

Get Active in Alum Rock Park

Tucked in the San Jose foothills is Alum Rock Park, one of the state’s oldest municipal parks. Its 740 acres offer picturesque views and trails for hiking, cycling or jogging, a great way to burn off stress and fuel energy for any busy travel nurse. You can enjoy wildlife watching too, with deer, bobcat and mountain lion all calling these rugged hills home.

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Travel Nursing in San Jose Allows the Experience Of Another Culture and Tasty Cuisine in Japantown

Japantown in San Jose is one of just three historic Japanese communities that remain in the entire U.S. While the area is relatively small, it’s one of the city’s most unique neighborhoods. When you’re in need of a Japanese food fix, you’ll find some of the best restaurants here, owned by local Japanese-Americas who are passionate about creating authentic Japanese dishes.

Indulge Your Shopping Habit

San Jose hosts practically an endless number of shopping opportunities, like popular Santana Row, an outdoor shopping mall that features a wide range of impressive shops, from upscale, brand-name retailers to small, independent boutiques. It also hosts a movie theater, nine spas and multiple eateries. There are countless other options for indulging a travel nurse’s shopping habit too, including the Eastridge Center, Oakridge and Valley Fair shopping malls, as well as Antiques Row, which spans a three-block stretch of West San Carlos Street.

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