Travel Nursing Frequently Asked Questions

How much experience is required to become  travel nurse?

A minimum of one year of recent experience in your specialty area, preferably in a hospital setting, to become a traveling nurse.

How long are travel assignments?

A Most travel assignments are 13 weeks in duration.  Some may be as short as 8 weeks or as long as 52 weeks.

If I like my assignment, can I stay longer?

It depends.  Recruiters love when a nurse extends an assignment (and many offer bonuses for extending) but whether or not they are able to offer you an extension depends largely on the needs of the facility.

I am moving to another state, can travel nursing help me cover the cost of relocation?

Absolutely. Many nurses embark on a travel assignment for the sole purpose of receiving financial assistance to make the move as well as get to know other nurses in the area.

I am a LPN/LVN, can I travel?

Some companies do have travel assignments available for Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurses, but the primary function of this site is to connect Registered Nurses with Travel Companies.

Can my family join me on an a travel assignment?

Yes. Travel Nursing is  a wonderful way to travel with family or friends.

What is the pay like for a travel nurse?

Travel nursing pay is generally higher than equally experienced permanent staff.