Celebrating Pediatric Nurses Week

Pediatric Nurses Week

Calling all pediatric nurses, those who work with them, and those whose lives have been changed by them. It’s time to celebrate Pediatric Nurses Week. If you’re not a pediatric RN, you might think that it’s a fun job holding babies and playing games with kids. The reality is, it’s takes a lot of work and many years to develop the necessary skill set for caring for these young patients.

That’s why the Society of Pediatric Nurses (SPN) dedicates an entire week to peds nurses. This includes those who are on staff at a variety of facilities as well as those who work in travel nurse jobs. In 2019, this special week will take place from October 7th through October 11th. Pediatric departments across the nation will take advantage of this opportunity to celebrate their RNs. It helps to put focus on the critical work these RNs provide to improve healthcare delivery . Also to reflect on the many contributions they make. Not only to patients, but to their families and communities.

How to Celebrate

There are lots of fun ways that you can celebrate Pediatric Nurses Week if you don’t already have plans to do so. One of the simplest is for a travel or staff ped nurse, is to post a picture on Twitter or Facebook. Use the hashtag #ProudPediatricNurse, showing and/or telling the SPN why you’re proud to be a pediatric RN. Then share the post with friends, families, co-workers and others. Encourage them to like, comment and share it too. The more your post is passed around, the better. In fact, the SPN will award a prize to the one that gets the most likes. The prize is a 2020 Pediatric Nurses Week package to help their institution to celebrate during next year’s special week.

You may want to participate in other ways too, like hosting a potluck or ice cream social in your department,. Holding raffles or incorporating a fun theme for the week are great ways to promote this special week. Consider doing things like scavenger hunts and face painting for the patients.

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Inspire Others to Become a Pediatric Nurse

Pediatric nurses are needed in many areas of the country. This is why there are usually so many travel jobs, as well as permanent staff positions, open for them. Why not use this opportunity to inspire someone else to consider this career?

What a Ped Nurse Does

If you aren’t a pediatric RN yourself, you should know these nurses do a lot more than enjoy spending time with babies and children. These are specialized registered nurses who work for pediatricians in a variety of settings, including physicians’ offices, clinics and hospitals. They may conduct physicals, administer immunization shots, screen for diseases, diagnose illnesses, prescribe medications and place intravenous (IV) lines in patients. Pediatric nurses often deal with conditions that can range from colds and broken bones to life-threatening illnesses. They have a special role in supporting young patients’ conditions and treatment options, as well as offering emotional support. They may work as a general pediatric RN or specialize in a field like pediatric hematology/oncology.

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Requirements for Becoming a Pediatric Nurse

Before becoming a pediatric nurse, you’ll need to become a registered nurse, or RN. That requires obtaining a nursing degree and passing the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses, known as the NCLEX-RN. After that, you’ll need experiencing working as an RN for at least two years, ideally with young patients.

Speaking of patients, a pediatric RN must have a lot of patience when working with kids of all ages. They operate on their own clock, often not on a nurse’s schedule or aligning with their specific task list.

Ped nurses also must rely on their own “nurse instincts.” Many of the young patients they care for can’t or won’t be able to tell them when they aren’t feeling well, are short of breath or have certain other symptoms. For that, and many other reasons, don’t forget to take time to honor peds nurses of all types during Pediatric Nurses Week!

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